Music Preparation & Engraving


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Evan is one of the best young freelance music engravers working in Canada today. He is frequently called upon by a variety of music industry professionals for a vast array of demanding engraving jobs.

Services include:

-transcription/“lifting” of music from an audio recording or video without pre-existing notation, and notating it in lead sheet style and/or detailed full score format.

-transposition of pre-existing sheet music/scores/parts from one key or tonal centre to another.

-full score assembly from music that currently only exists as individual parts.

-part extraction & creation from music that currently only exists as a full score.

-formatting, general editing & cleanup of scores, parts, and sheet music that exist as PDF files, Sibelius files, Finale files, .xml files and more.

-orchestration/re-orchestration: taking a piece of music or song designed to be performed by a specific group of instruments, and then adapting it to be playable by a different group of instruments.

-arranging/composition: devising transitions, key changes, additional bars of music (ie. for a dance sequence), and more.

Evan’s experience, knowledge of conventions for different instruments and styles, and keen ear for musical detail are key to what sets him apart. He has worked in the fields of pop, rock, musical theatre, folk, latin, hip-hop, experimental, Bollywood, jazz, film music, and Western classical/contemporary music, and has engraved lyrics in English, French, German, Hindi (phonetic) and Ukrainian (Cyrillic & phonetic).

Most importantly: Evan is speedy, cheap, and reliable.

If you have a project that you would like to hire me for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at Rates will be negotiable depending on the project.

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