SSAA chorus a cappella

Premiered November 17th, 2018 by SIRENS (Kelsea McLean – artistic director) in Charlottetown, PE, Canada.



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Preview PDF score:

“THEE” – PDF score preview

(product unit code: EKRH0008)


Listen (audio only):



4 mins


original text:


by L.M. Montgomery (1874-1942)

When we were together, heart of my heart, on that unforgotten quest

With your tender arm about me thrown and your head upon my breast

There came a grief that was bitter and deep and straitly dwell with me

And I shunned it not, so sweet it was to suffer and be with thee.

And now when no more against mine own is beating thine eager heart,

When thine eyes are turned from the glance of mine and our ways far apart,

A dear and long-sought joy has come my constant guest to be,

And I love it not, so bitter it is, unfelt, unshared, by thee.

program notes:

Thee is an SSAA setting of the L.M. Montgomery poem “The Difference.” The piece is a simple song meant as a reflection on heartbreak and the value of shared personal experiences.


“L.M. Montgomery” is a trademark of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc.

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