FeminIndigenization (song cycle)

FeminIndigenization (song cycle)

Medium Voice & Piano

premiered May 7th, 2017 in Toronto, Canada by Daniel Robinson (baritone), Helen Becqué (piano), & Joel Tangjerd (cello)



Medium Voice & Piano version

PDF: $40 CAD for full song cycle. Purchase by contacting: ekr.hammell.music@gmail.com

(product unit code: EKRH0005-1)


Royalties are divided equally between composer and poet.

(Versions for [Medium Voice/Cello/Piano] and [High Voice/Piano] coming soon.)


Check out this new lyric video! Song #2: “I remember as a kid”

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ca. 15 mins (full song cycle)


FeminIndigenization is an 8 song cycle that was created as a collaboration between composer E.K.R. Hammell and poet Clear Wind Blows Over The Moon. It was conceived as a chronological musical journey through important, often difficult events in the poet’s life, using selected poems to develop a narrative that illustrate the poet’s eventual self-discovery as an Indigenous woman.

In the poet’s own words:

FeminIndigenization – The process of becoming an Indigenous woman.

I wasn’t born an Indigenous woman. The reasons are many, but mainly stem from the Canadian government’s attempted genocide of my people; that is still happening today. They stole children (and their identities) away from their families and forced them to attend IRS (Indian Residential Schools – starting back in the early 1800s). ‘

I want to get rid of the Indian problem’ ~Sir John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada

As an inter-generational IRS survivor the colonial shame ran deep – After attending IRS my parent attempted to escape the pain, abandoning their reservation, their family (including 8 siblings), their culture and Cree language (they spoke fluently prior to attending IRS). But the pain remained and the abuses they lived through at IRS were mimicked/inflicted on me as a child and the cycle of systemic violence continued. That cycle ends with me. These 8 songs represent parts of my life and evolution to become an Indigenous woman. My story is just one of hundreds of thousands of shattered lives from the colonization of Canada.”

-Heather Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon

The last Indian Residential School closed in 1996.

This full song cycle was premiered (as a voice, cello & piano version) by Daniel Robinson (baritone), Joel Tangjerd (cello), and Helen Becqué (piano) on May 7th 2017 in Toronto, and was one of many new collaborative pieces created as a result of the Sounds of Silence Initiative. This project, spearheaded by performer and vocal pedagogy graduate student Daniel Robinson, aims to give a platform which the diverse voices of the Greater Toronto Area can be heard, bringing singers and composers from the University of Toronto together with poets that are members of underrepresented and often repressed communities. For more information on the Sounds of Silence Initiative, contact soundsofsilenceinitiative@gmail.com.


FeminIndigenization TEXT:

Poetry by Clear Wind Blows Over The Moon


i. the wind blows

the wind blows strongly

I hear its call

the snow it falls

changes are coming

my people are drumming


ii. I remember as a kid  WATCH the LYRIC VIDEO for this song

I remember as a kid

climbing tree branches

my ladder to freedom

like a dog at my feet

loyal to the acrid end

when I had to descend

and go back to

the homeless home


iii. runaway teen

runaway teen

existing unseen

between obscene scene

and memories of human trafficking

hopeless being

escaping silence

systemic violence

refusing incessant abuse

turning to obtuse use

to blot out

the deafening pain

colonial shame

on a suicidal mission

rage of near nuclear fission

her tough reputation

a bulletproof vest

to discourage the rest

from getting too close

coming to know

her lethal reality

better to rebel

in isolated perpetuality


iv. impossible skies*  – LISTEN to this song on SOUNDCLOUD

she is gone from this earthly realm

but my love floats up to her

clouds of adoration

in impossible skies

of hows

and wonder whys

      *dedicated by the poet to the memory of Judie K. Pieper (May 26, 1942 — May 6, 2016)


v. for ancestors who went beforeLISTEN to this song on SOUNDCLOUD

jingle and fancy dancers

commemorate cosmos

flaming hearts

poignant memorial

for the ancestors who went before


vi. bison of my longingLISTEN to this song on SOUNDCLOUD

wild violets grow


in the sacred hollow of my being

where bison of my longing wallow

and distant memories

of future belonging sleep


vii. I lost myself in the forest

I lost myself in the forest

of wild children

dancing among trees

embracing me

beats resonating in bones

eyes closed

hearts open

arms spread wide

reaching for stars

that already shine inside


viii. the wind blows (reprise)

the wind blows strongly

I hear its call

the snow it falls

changes are coming

my people are drumming


Copyright © 2012-2017 by Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon. Used by permission.


About the poet:

Heather Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon is a Cree First Nations healer, poet, writer, big drum keeper, artist, and a spiritual and environmental activist. Her poetry has been published in A Rewording Life and is to be published in an Indigenous anthology by Annick Press in the fall of 2017. “Creating art transcends my painful history. I am an inter-generational Indian Residential School survivor that lived through extreme violence in my childhood. Part of my soul purpose is to help heal others who have lived through trauma and abuse to find expression, a sense of belonging and to teach them they have a choice; the systemic violence can end with them as it does with me. My spirituality and living the ancient teachings is at the core of who I am and sharing this with others is meaningful for me. Nature is my greatest teacher and healer. I am deeply honoured to share my experience as an Indigenous woman to raise awareness to the true history of Canada and to the critically important issues (stemming from colonization) my people continue to face to this very day.”

EMAIL – soulpurposehealing@gmail.com

POETRY BLOG – https://clearwindblowsoverthemoon.wordpress.com

WEBSITE – http://soulpurposehealing.weebly.com


FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/soulful.healer.5



EKRH0005-1: FeminIndigenization

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